Maia McCormick

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Choice Paralysis

Doing one thing at a time is very difficult.

Here I am, first Monday without returning to Hacker School, sitting down to say “Okay world, I spent the last three months writing code and it was awesome but I should know something about theory, algorithms, etc.; time to do some studying.” I intended to sit down with Interactive Python and blaze through a section or two before turning away to work on my other projects, job applications, etc.

INSTEAD, I was filled with a sudden anxiety—what if Interactive Python isn’t the right course for me? What if it’s an okay course but there are better ones out there? What if by doing Interactive Python I’m missing the perfect algos course for me and this perfect course and I will be like ships passing in the night, never knowing what we might have had together, and all because I chose to work on Interactive Python. I looked at a Coursera course, I looked at the SICP study group that some HSers are setting up, I debated whether I wanted to get involved with said study group remotely even though it’s based on daily in-person meetings, all worrying that I would miss my soul-mate algos course if I made the wrong move.

Then I realized that I was being silly.

I’m off to spend an hour on Interactive Python, and if it isn’t working for me, I’ll reevaluate. At worst, I’ll work through it in a few weeks, learn some stuff, and try another course!