Maia McCormick

Programmer, writer, nerd


I recharge best away from a screen, but here are some toy apps and pet projects I’ve made or contributed to. For a more complete picture of my extracurricular coding, go poke around on my Github.

Learn Trax


What: my most personally useful project, and the one that is least likely to be of use to anyone else—a util to make practice tracks for my choir. Ingests a midi file and spits out a practice track per voice part (with that part foregrounded and everything else backgrounded).

When: fall 2019 / ongoing

Pomodoro Playlists


What: you know the Pomodoro method, where you work for a chunk of time (usually 20-25m) and then take a short break (usually 5m) and do it again? I made a CLI tool that makes a playlist to help you keep track. Maybe you want to rock out to 25 minutes of early aughts punk while you work, and then take a break with 5 minutes of soothing ambient music? Now you can!

When: early 2023

Bird Gen (play it!)


What: generate new and innovate bird names to impress your friends!

Why: eating breakfast at my sweetie's house, I was looking at the varyingly silly names on the "Birds of New England" poster and was like "psh, naming birds isn't so hard, I could do that!"

When: Feb 2021

Gay Bingo (play it!)

(HTML/CSS, Javascript)

What: gay (specifically WLW) bingo---because sometimes an idea sticks in your head and won't leave. Give it a shot, it's interactive! (Styling is for chumps, right?)

When: Sept. 2019

XKCD Binge


What: a Chrome extension to make browsing XKCD easier -- I wanted to reread XKCD from the beginning, so I threw together an extension to enable me to do all of my browsing from my keyboard. Get it on the Chrome Web Store

When: May 2017

Carol Collection

(Python, Lilypond, LaTeX)

What: I wanted a book of all of my favorite Christmas carols to sing with friends. I ended up with this project, which takes a number of Lilypond files and build them into sheet music, then compiles them into a LaTeX pdf for easy printing and sharing.

When: December 2017

Why: because I have a deep and undying love of Christmas carols


(Python, using Pillow)

What: utility to make thumbnails of your images. I was working on a freelance web dev project and needed thumbnails of all of the images, so instead of spending 30 minutes in PhotoShop, I spent three hours writing this. Time well spent?

When: March 2015

Gravity (play it!)

(Javascript, codeheart.js)

What: a gravity-bending platformer exhibiting the finest of programmer art, written for the 2014 Williams College Game Jam. Want to know more? Play it here!

When: January 2014


(Python, NLTK, Zulip API)

What: a Zulip bot that lurks until presented with an opportunity to make a quote-unquote "pun" of the form: "Parse 'er? I hardly know 'er!" Triumphantly launched after completion and then promptly retired, as (much to my surprise!) it turns out that jokes... get old?! Who knew?

When: Fall 2014 (Recurse Center)