Maia McCormick

Programmer, writer, nerd


I tend not to code an awful lot outside of work, because in my free time I recharge best away from a computer screen, and I’ve got more than enough interetsing coding problems to tackle in the office. Still, sometimes I do stuff. On this page you’ll find a handful of projects I’ve been hacking on recently, or projects I did in the past that I deem fit for human consumption, or projects I worked on wayyy back that are just entertaining. For a more complete picture of my extracurricular coding, go poke around on my Github.

XKCD Binge


What: a Chrome extension to make browsing XKCD easier

When: May 2017

Why: I wanted to reread XKCD from the beginning, so I threw together an extension to enable me to do all of my browsing from my keyboard

Status: published to the Chrome Web Store

Carol Collection

(Python, Lilypond, LaTeX)

What: I wanted a book of all of my favorite Christmas carols to sing with friends. I ended up with this project, which takes a number of Lilypond files and build them into sheet music, then compiles them into a LaTeX pdf for easy printing and sharing.

When: December 2017

Why: because I have a deep and undying love of Christmas carols

Status: the framework for generating the booklet is complete, and now the music files can be edited/updated/added to at will for future generations of caroling gatherings.

Not My Locker Room


What: I wrote tooling to help maintain the Not My Locker Room website, built and run by DevProgress. In particular, I wrote template-filling script to take content elements from a csv, hit the appropriate API to get oEmbed code, and insert into an html template.

When: November 2016

Why: 2016 presidential election

Status: my code was in use generating the website before we stopped maintaining it. I may someday generalize this code for wider use.


(Python, using Pillow)

What: utility to make thumbnails of your images

When: March 2015

Why: working on a freelance web dev project, needed thumbnails of all of the images. Instead of spending 30 minutes in PhotoShop, I spent three hours writing this. Time well spent?

Status: complete (though who knows when I’ll ever have occasion to use it again…)

Gravity (play it!)

(Javascript, codeheart.js)

What: a gravity-bending platformer exhibiting the finest of programmer art. Want to know more? Play it here!

When: January 2014

Why: Williams College Game Jam ‘14

Status: complete


(Python, NLTK, Zulip API)

What: a Zulip bot that lurks until presented with an opportunity to make a quote-unquote “pun” of the form: “Parse ‘er? I hardly know ‘er!”

When: Fall 2014 (Recurse Center)

Why: because PUNS! Also, I wanted to get practice working with someone else’s API.

Status: complete, launched on Heroku, and promptly retired, as (much to my surprise!) it turns out that “[blank] ‘er? I hardly know ‘er!” is only funny for so long.